Welcome to Astro's website.

Librairie Astro is a Montreal bookstore, carrying used books (mostly popular fiction), comics (new, used, and collectible), videos, CDs, Magic The Gathering cards in packs and singles, and a small selection of hockey and baseball cards.

We are members of AbeBooks, the Used Book Circle, and also regularly have items for sale on eBay.

Those of you who deal with us know that we are very straightforward. We have a tendency not to be overwhelmingly polished and fancy, nor full of bluster and hype.

We're taking the same approach to the website. It will grow organically, as the spirit moves us to create new features, or as the need arises.

This website will likely never be flashy. Flashy websites are generally graphics-intensive, and that means slow loading. Many webmasters forget that the majority of people still use dial-up connections, and graphics take forever to load on dial-up.

We want our website to be an easy to use tool, not an irritation.

Enjoy your visit.

Librairie Astro - Astro Books

1844 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest
Montréal, Que. H3H 1M1
(métro Guy)

(514) 932-1139