The following is a brief outline of what we do in our store. It is followed by a partial list of what we are selling on line. All books that we sell on line are also available in the store. Simply ask for them by their inventory number and we will be pleased to get them for you:

Mary is the person in charge of all the books in the store. She buys the books that are brought in to us, sorts them for destination (in store or for sale on line), prices them and then puts them out for sale by genre. I take care of putting books up for sale on-line. Because of programs that were set up to handle other aspects of our store, we are able to offer a variety of services to people who are looking to buy books from us.

Our books are set up in nice, easy to browse sections with plenty of room to move around without bumping into something.. Our selections include Horror, General fiction, Mysteries, Romance, Thrillers, Literature, Cookbooks, Biographies, History, True Crime, Adventure, etc. These books are organized in such a way that it is easier to browse the shelves (and more fun) than it is to computerize them and search for them in the computer. Prices are usually half of cdn plus tax...which is included in our ticket price. We also have a nice discount room where the books are usually one or two dollars and turn over so quickly that it is impossible to keep them sorted by genre. This is also where we sell our National Geographic mags. that are out at 50 cents each.


For books developed out of the comic program and came about because of the number of times someone would ask for a book, we would not have it in stock, then be lucky enough to purchase it an hour later! We take your name, phone number, and the list of books you are looking for (name and author), enter the information into our database, and any time new books come in we check them against your list. Lists are usually left in person but lately we have been getting more and more of them by email. We currently have 759 people using our want list program for books. One customer was astounded when we found a book that had been on her list for over 5 years and she still wanted it!! There is no charge for this service and no obligation. All we ask is that people respond when we contact them that a book has come in.... especially if they no longer want the book so we can pass it on to someone else.


Browse our inventory on Biblio by category/genre. This is similar to Ebay but not in auction form. Our on-line site shows prices in U.S. funds.One of the side benefits of selling on line is we have a new range of books to sell in the store. The stock is in the store but is not physically accessed by the public so I can easily maintain my on-line stock accurately AND increase my selling space tremendously because of more efficient space usage. It also allows us to have added genres for which we do not have enough stock on hand to create a special section in the store This is a win-win situation for you- our customers- and for us. If you do not see a book you are looking for on our shelves, please ask us and we will be glad to search our database. If you find a book on line that you would like to purchase, just ask us. We will gladly get it out for you.


Great for people who are house-bound or who live out in the bushes or the mountains and cannot get in to make their purchases in person! Just email me your list, we find the books and contact you with the condition of the book, our price and the shipping cost. Fast, easy, convenient and you are not obligated to buy until you give us the final ok to ship. We then set up a payment method with you and send off the order.


is a site that was set up by Bernard Wolf from Odyssey Books. His idea is to make it easier for all our customers to find the books they are looking for locally. Just visit and you will see what it is all about quickly and easily.