We have a very large selection of videos in our store.

The stock that is out for sale in the store is usually grouped alphabetically and is very easy to browse.

Don't hesitate to call us at the store (514-932-1139) if you're looking for something.


If you want to sell your videos or DVDs to us (or any Quebec used video store), here's a tip:

When you BUY the things, peel off that "Regie du Cinema du Quebec" sticker, and stick it on the video box itself!

Most videos and DVDs come with the stickers on the shrinkwrap. Take off the wrapper and you lose the sticker- no problem. Except if a used video store wants to sell it. Against the law, now.

If they can't sell it, they won't buy it.

So do yourself a favour, and move the sticker as soon as you open the package. The stickers are designed to be moved, so there's nothing tricky about it.